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Powerful benefits
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Sagad Digital Marketing is the top-rated digital marketing specialist in Perth. I will prioritise you and your objectives. As an expert marketing consultant, I’m dedicated to providing results that will change how you do business forever.


Only real results for digital marketing campaigns.

Transparent ROI

No corner-cutting. Real facts delivered to you.

track record

Providing top-notch online marketing services


Each campaign is tailored to your business goals.

Drive targeted
traffic & leads
with SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool for helping business owners develop robust, fast, and user-friendly websites that rank high on search engines like Google. Enjoy a better online reputation and benefit from appearing as the first search on people’s desktops or smartphones.

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Gain Instant
traffic & leads
with PPC

Pay-per-click ads (PPC) are one of the most cost-effective ways of driving fast and laser-targeted leads to your website. They are customisable and yield significant changes for your business with real, tangible results.

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Nudge your customers toward purchase with a beautiful website. Working with a digital marketing consultant and catering specifically to your tastes. I can improve the credibility of your business and build its online reputation.

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Sagad at your service.

As a digital marketing specialist, relevant strategies will be applied to generate profit for your business.

Digital marketing involves building online campaigns that help you rank higher on search engine results and convert web traffic into real customers.

With over a decade of experience, as a marketing consultant, I have helped many businesses across Australia to achieved their desired results through efficient and targeted digital marketing practices.

Together, we can continue to build your business and maximise its potential.

Ready to grow your business beyond expectations?

I am a business owner, too. Over the years, I have experienced a lot of challenges, but I’m thankful to have discovered the potential of digital marketing. It has had a huge impact on the growth of my business, and I am always ready to extend a hand to your business, too.

Oliver Williams

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Why hire Sagad as your
digital marketing specialist in Perth?

Many online opportunities can be unlocked with the help of a digital marketing specialist and online consultant.

Your time and money will not be wasted

I will provide a full digital marketing experience to meet the specific needs of your business.

Using the right tools

Sagad digital marketing specialist employs a wide range of specific tools for SEO, PPC, and web development. I only invested in the best software to deliver your desired results.

Passionate about competition research

Before any campaign begins, my standard practice is to conduct competitor analysis. It is vital to understand how I can make your brand better and stand out from the competition.

I understand ROI

I know that you expect a return on investment. I always want to ensure that you accomplish your business goals and get the ROI you deserve.

Over 10 years of experience

With years of practice and experience under this industry, I know the way around SEO, pay-per-click, and web development.

Stays ahead of online marketing trends

I always implement the most innovative and effective marketing trends that follow Google’s guidelines. We make it our business to stay on top of the latest changes for your business.

No mistakes or Google penalties

Minor errors in web strategy execution can have bad consequences, including the loss of traffic, leads, and search rankings. As a digital marketing specialist, I can help you avoid this.

Generate more revenue for your business

I will make sure that you get your money’s worth. Ready for more revenue? Reach out today and we’ll talk on driving more revenue for your business.

Get started

Schedule a time to chat and we’ll give you a call.

Result-Driven Process

Digital marketing is not just a work, it’s a passion. Providing results to client’s website is our ultimate goal. It is not just about bringing traffic or clicks. This is all about bringing a sustainable results: which is an increasing sales.


We listen to you. What are your goals? What do you want to happen? How do you want it to happen?


We execute strategies according to the plan, implementing campaigns efficiently and effectively.


We put everything into a plan. We will create a feasible plan of action to achieve the best possible results.


We monitor the progress of the campaign. We note important metrics which determines success of campaign.

Beyond digital marketing

Discover the latest trends and industry news. Uncover powerful insights with SEO, PPC,
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Beyond digital marketing

Discover the latest trends and industry news. Uncover powerful insights with SEO, PPC,
and web design.

Frequently asked questions

Don’t know where to start your SEO journey? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

I have various experiences working with any type of industry and business sizes. But I always love working with small and medium businesses, especially if I want to take the lead against national brands. Therefore, whatever type of business you’ll have as long as you need help, I am just an email or a click away.

Although lots of clients asked this question many times, I want to be honest. When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), there is no instant results, it takes about 90 days to see an improvement but why this is a good investment? The simple answer is that this is a long term strategy. As a continuous process, over the period of optimisation you will surely see the increasing results. When you want an instant results, as long as you have budget, pay per click is the right option for you. You can either have Facebook or Google Ads. When you wanted to have a bigger impact, make sure that you always start your campaign with a powerful website. Take note that it is the last phase in your conversion funnel. Make sure that you’ll start your campaign having an optimised and professionally built website.

Your SEO begins with what you have in your site at the moment. If the answer is none, then you’re going to need to employ the use of SEO tools for conducting a site audit. That is where it always begins, regardless of where you are with SEO. You need to know which part of your site needs optimisation before implementing any practices or tactics.

Coming up with an argument for either is plausible. But both SEO and PPC are necessary for your business’ online success. SEO and PPC complement each other. SEO makes up for what PPC lacks; in the same manner, PPC completes and ensures the effectiveness of your SEO strategies. How much you need either depends on your brand’s current standing.

The practice of search engine optimisation has a clear path this year and even into 2020. The buzz word in every SEO forum is voice search. Official statistics report that 50% of all searches by next year will be conducted by voice. Is that surprising? No, considering how people have become reliant to issuing commands by voice to their smart devices. This calls for your business to optimise for the right elements present in Google’s search results.

Transparency is part of my core values. I will make sure that at the end of each month you’ll receive all the outputs. It contains your campaign status report plus the strategies that have been done with your campaign. Those copies will be delivered straight on the email that you have given.

SEO has changed drastically. It’s also good to note that SEO is always in a constant state of change. However, the most noticeable shift in SEO is prevalent in the prioritisation of optimising for mobile. One of the first things to make sure when starting up a new website is to ensure that it’s perfectly responsive for users’ mobile use.

Yes, but I only act as a consultant. I always believe that the internal team is more effective in this. Since you are the best persons to represent your company. You are the best persons to engage with social media since you are more familiar with your products or services and your customers. Yet, I am always happy to help you when you wanted more insights into social media marketing.

I love creating all sorts of websites, whether it’s a real estate, a health site or any niche. I can build it with confidence. I’m passionate about creating a website that is not only an aesthetically beautiful website but it is also a conversion machine. Specialising in WordPress web design and development since this is much user and search friendly than other platforms.

I loved working with local companies or within the local community in Western Australia. I am passionate in helping business in Perth and nearby areas. What if you are beyond this area? Just give me a call, or an email, I can arrange it.