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It is critical to capture the attention and interest of website visitors through an appealing visual look and excellent ergonomics to keep them on your site. Capturing new visitors’ attention and enticing them to explore the site is especially essential for businesses since they often sell a concept rather than a physical product.

Communicating your nonprofit’s purpose and objectives requires careful consideration of the aesthetic elements that will keep visitors on your site long enough to absorb your message. This article focuses on nine ideas to help website builders construct aesthetically attractive websites.

How To Create An Engaging Website?

1. Keep the layout simple

The easier to access and read your web design, the better. That doesn’t mean it needs to be dull, but it should concentrate on the fundamentals. Clean, efficient design makes it simpler to load, browse, and utilize your site across many platforms and devices.

Harry’s website prioritizes essential information—their goods. They use images with little text to encourage users to interact with the information.

2. Make navigation easy to follow

When you want people to spend time on your site, you must make it simple for them to navigate. It may be tempting to be creative with the design of your navigation menus, but minimalism and clear information architecture are much better. Making your menus uniform in look helps your readers feel at ease as they navigate your site.

3. Make your website mobile-friendly

Do mobile devices contribute to up to 70% of all internet traffic? This indicates that anyone visiting your site for the first time will most likely be using a smartphone. And if the smartphone experience is terrible, you’ve already lost a customer. Learn why and how you can make your website more mobile-friendly.

Everlane’s mobile shopping experience is straightforward. The design includes modular content, enabling it to be adaptable and translate well on mobile devices. The website also encourages you to download the shopping app without making you feel like you’re getting a terrible internet experience.

4. Use clear calls to action

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What exactly do you want site visitors to accomplish? Purchase goods? Would you want to receive an email newsletter? Donate to a good cause? Consider your calls to action. Create them in such a manner that they stand out to a visitor browsing your website. If you’re utilizing buttons in your design, keep the text brief and to the point.

The World Wildlife Fund employs eye-catching buttons alongside its navigation bar to encourage users to “give” and “adopt,” as well as strong calls to action throughout its content.

5. With content, less is more

Utilize what you learned about your visitors to narrow down their choices and direct their attention to your goods. Display just the text and graphic components that you want people to interact with.

Websites for mobile applications, such as Pocket, are excellent at this. They concentrate on describing the software and add strong calls to action to download it. Less essential information, such as their About section and blog, are less visible and linked at the bottom.

6. Don’t be afraid of whitespace

White space on a page is just space. It doesn’t have to be completely white; it simply needs to be devoid of text or pictures. It may enhance readability and eliminate clutter from your website design if done correctly. White space may also aid in the direction of focus and attention. It allows you to isolate elements and concepts so that visitors can see what you want them to see in a single look, rather than having to sift through a loud and cluttered layout visually.

Google is the most excellent illustration of how to make use of whitespace. It couldn’t be much simpler—a blank page with a logo and a search box.

7. Enhance your website design with eye-catching colors

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Choose a base color for the website design, and then select a contrasting accent color for key buttons and other interface components. You can find more information on selecting the appropriate color palette for your brand.

Whole Foods Market’s primary brand color is green, with tiny flashes of secondary orange drawing attention to highlighted calls to action.

8. Incorporate attractive, easy-to-read fonts

Choose the beautiful, aesthetically balanced, and distinctive type to keep your website text clear and exciting. Brandon Grotesque, Museo Sans, Railway, and Playfair Display are the top four trending typefaces. Studio Aimee, a Belgian children’s apparel website, utilizes Brandon Grotesque for a clean, legible buying experience.

9. Engage users with video and rich images

Videos and pictures are more appealing than text alone—in fact, landing pages containing videos may increase conversions by up to 80%. To guarantee a high-quality user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms, utilize scalable images (SVG).

Water puts a video on their homepage for maximum effect, making it one of the first things you see when you enter their website.

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