benefits of seo reseller

SEO is easily understandable nowadays, but SEO reseller is a little different. This article hopes to enlighten you about what being an SEO reseller means.

Before talking about the benefits of becoming an SEO reseller, you would want to know what it means to become one. An SEO reseller is one party between an SEO reseller program. The other one is the SEO agency that provides SEO services. As the name suggests, the SEO reseller purchases SEO services from the SEO agency. They then offer it to end clients who are interested in availing such services.

1. White Label SEO and Becoming an SEO Reseller

The SEO reseller typically appears as the SEO service provider in front of the clients. In most cases, the clients never even come in contact with or know about the SEO agency. Of course, it depends on the relationship between the SEO agency and SEO reseller. The reseller typically buys the SEO services, marks up the cost, and profits from it. This way of doing business has to do with what they call white label SEO.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, white labeling is when a company offers services to another company, which rebrands it as their own. In the case of white label SEO, the reseller rebrands the services they bought from a private label SEO company. The SEO company provides the reseller with the materials, such as keyword research and SEO audits. The reseller can then label and send them to clients as if their own.

The relationship between private label SEO and SEO reseller is unique. In most cases, the reseller offers a complete package to their clients from the SEO agency. Other times, the SEO agency’s services complement the reseller’s own marketing services. The things a reseller can do with an SEO reseller program are almost limitless. It is no wonder many businesses are looking to become an SEO reseller.

2. Should You Become an SEO Reseller?

Becoming an SEO reseller stands to offer several benefits. It is great because even a new marketing agency or an established one can take advantage of it. The most significant benefit of being an SEO reseller is the ability to focus more on generating new businesses. This way, a reseller can increase their bottom line, thanks to expanded services offered to their clients.

Working with white label SEO companies also offer benefits, such as:

1. Having access to real experts

SEO resellers get to work with real SEO experts. It is a huge benefit for a new company with no one specializing in SEO or is still at the amateur level. A working relationship with a professional SEO company is a big help even if you are experienced. If it is a team of experts, a reseller can no doubt provide SEO services more efficiently.

2. Reliable SEO services

Another significant benefit of white label SEO is the more reliable services that SEO agencies provide. If you were to create your own SEO campaign, it typically begins from scratch. The results will also be entirely reliant on how well the campaign was planned. However, by being a reseller, you can work with a reliable partner with services already proven to generate possible results.

3. It is more affordable

At first, it does not seem like being an SEO reseller is affordable, but it is. Creating and managing an SEO campaign takes a significant chunk of time, effort, and money. One a newly formed company cannot afford. By being a reseller, you can access SEO services at a discounted price and resell it for a profitable cost.

4. More options for customers 

Marketing firms looking to give their customers more options can turn to white label SEO. Along with their specific services and products, they can expand through the SEO reseller program at a low cost. Without a considerable investment, a reseller can upgrade their agency and provide their clients with more services.

5. Better scalability

While a marketing agency can also provide SEO services, one of the issues they will encounter is scale. A small firm can only take on so many clients without getting overwhelmed. Taking too many clients with a small team to work on the projects is a recipe for disaster. However, an SEO reseller has the freedom to take on as many clients and use as many SEO services as they need.

6. Builds better relationships

Besides these benefits, the relationship between the reseller and the SEO agency fosters mutual growth and create learning opportunities. The reseller can gain valuable knowledge on SEO strategies and more – a path to becoming an expert in the future. On the other hand, both the SEO company and reseller can build better client relations to grow.


White label SEO is quite a popular concept these days and for a good reason. Similar to how outsourcing is an innovative idea, becoming an SEO reseller is just as essential. Thanks to SEO reseller programs, small marketing companies can break free from their limitations. It serves as an excellent stepping stone to a better, profitable future.


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