We live in crazy times right now. Perhaps there were times when you have had to pull back spending drastically. Or if your business is thriving, then you have a couple of priorities set in place. Chief of which is knowing how to avoid wasted PPC spend.

Nevertheless, learning how to avoid wasted PPC spend should be a priority for everyone. And in this article, we’ll walk through 3 easy ways that an expert digital marketing agency like us does to learn how to avoid wasted PPC spend.

3 Ways on How to Avoid Wasted PPC Spend

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There are factors that affect ad spend pacing, and there’s ways on how to avoid wasted PPC spend.

A typical small business can waste 25% or more of their total paid search spend. Evidently, it’s a big problem, however tackling wasted spend in Google Ads can be a bit of a challenge for account managers. 

So before you turn your eyes to the latest PPC trends or the shiniest and newest tools, figure out how to avoid wasted PPC spend first.

Together, let’s head back to the basics and focus on the core components of your campaign. Most of the time, by simply tweaking your settings or adjusting your structure, you can fix a lot of big account leakages.

Here are 3 ways to avoid that wasted ad spend.

#1 Taking out keywords that don’t convert

One easy way to win and never waste PPC spend is to take out all the keywords that are spending but aren’t converting. You can check and look at the past 60-90 day date range and apply filters for keywords that haven’t converted yet. 

You can remove them from your account and cut down some of the spend that isn’t producing any conversion actions.

#2 Checking the DDNT

DDNT, according to Emma Smith, stands for Device, Demographic, Network, and Time. All four of them are settings that you can check either on an account level or at campaign level. 

They’re pretty easy to miss, but they can impact your account a lot. You can try placing bid modifiers on all of these settings, so that you either increase or limit spend wherever you’re seeing the most traffic.

For instance, if you’re seeing that a lot of conversions come from males in the age range of 30-50 years old, you can put a positive bid modifier on males and on the 30-50 age range. That way, Google will know to show people who fit that criteria.

Ergo, you avoid spending money showing ads to people who are less likely to convert.

#3 Setting up automatic scripts

And of course, another way of eliminating unnecessary spending is to set up automatic scripts in your accounts. Scripts are a good way to make sure things aren’t being missed. They may seem small, but they will add up. 

You can use scripts for negative keyword conflicts, errors with landing pages, disapproved ads, etc. It’s a good way to keep an eye on some of the smaller issues without manually having to go in and perform an audit. The best PPC providers do that.

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