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Attracting customers has never been easier. Get your brand in front of the right people with pay per click ads.

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One of the biggest benefits of pay per click advertising is that it’s fast. Thousands of people searching for your products will stumble across your ads – just at the right time.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to run ads for better lead generation. You can sell more products online while bringing organic traffic into your website. You can also reach more customers through their Gmail inbox, measure your campaign’s performance, track the influx of traffic, and make appropriate
campaign adjustments.

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Facebook advertising

More than 80% of all Internet users have a Facebook account. You’d be nuts to pass up on an opportunity like this. Facebook advertising is great for reaching your exact audience, as it allows you to target people by interests, age, behaviour, and location. It’s fast and cheap form of PPC advertising, and guaranteed to build engagement.

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Pay per click advertising you can trust

I’m a Google AdWords certified individual, a professional in running PPC campaigns on Google. I offer a wide range of customised PPC
Services, including:

Setup of new accounts (on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter)Ad Creation (both text and multimedia ads)Conversion Tracking Setup
Google Search and Display NetworksDynamic Product Campaigns (Facebook)Google Analytics Integration
Google Shopping CampaignsRemarketing Campaigns (all networks)Integration with email marketing software
Adroll setup and managementFacebook AdsGeo and Demographic Targeting
Keyword ResearchLanding Page Optimization RecommendationsCustomer Profiling and targeting

Reasonably priced PPC services

PPC pricing schemes at Sagad are straightforward and reasonable. I provide regular reports on a monthly basis for close monitoring of pay per click campaigns, and have no closed contracts or cancellation fees.


  • Everything included in the Professional PPC package, plus an additional PPC advertising network. Google search and display ads are great to start with, but as you grow, you may consider Google Shopping Campaigns to improve your online exposure.
  • Required Set-Up Fee: $1,000
  • Your Budget: $5,000 and Up


Beat the competition!

Tell me when you’re free, and we’ll talk your PPC opportunities.

What my PPC packages include

PPC campaigns by Sagad are tailor-made to suit your brand’s needs. Depending on your requirements, the pay per click packages may include the following services:

Dedicated Account

An account manager is the one responsible for running your AdWords or Facebook Ads account.


I will set up your account and incoming campaigns with the best practices and standards in mind. Let's find your keywords and daily budget.


I set aside a time for in-depth keyword research to build PPC content that resonates with your audience and is relevant to your business.

Creating ad

The pay per click ads we create are customised to fit your brand's goals and needs. Whether textual or visual, I’m happy to take on all aspects of PPC ads.

Mobile optimised
PPC ads

I recognise the importance of a mobile-first approach. That’s why I will ensure that your pay per click campaigns are completely optimised for mobile view.


We don't leave PPC ads to gather dust. We monitor your ad campaigns very closely and we take it seriously. This is for the purpose of making future improvements.

Landing page

The process doesn't stop at your ads. We optimise and prepare your landing pages as well for relevancy, and to capture targeted leads for better chances of organic conversions.


I know the importance of ensuring conversions and tracking them. This is important for finding out which PPC tactics work for your brand.

Google Analytics

I integrate all reports through the powerful reporting platform that is Google Analytics. Every detail of the PPC ad campaign is displayed clearly, and analyse this data to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.


PPC progress reports are part of the standard operating procedure. I like to keep you informed and in the know about every single aspect of your PPC campaign.

How does it work?

PPC doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Sagad takes a straightforward and transparent approach to pay per click advertising.

Step 1: Contact me
You can reach me through the website contact or by shooting a message on social media.

Step 2: I’ll get back to you within 24 hours or less
I will review your request and get back to you within 24 hours or less.

Step 3: Defining business goals
I will work closely with you to clearly outline your business goals.I will be in touch to discuss the depth of the campaign, your monetary goals, past experiences, products or services, current and prospective clientele, competition, and other factors that will help me to better understand your business.

Step 4: Arranging PPC campaigns
After defining your goals, it will be time to set up your PPC ad campaign. I will undertake keyword research and help you to decide where to advertise for the best possible reach.

Step 5: Optimising PPC campaigns
I’ll take care of your PPC ad campaigns, constantly monitoring them to ensure results that achieve your business goals.

Step 6: Progress reports
I value transparency and honesty. I will send regular updates coupled with monthly reports on your PPC campaigns. From transactions to campaign outcomes, I simply hide nothing.

My clients’ stories

  • Optimising an ecommerce site is very challenging and thanks to Sagad that helps me understand fully how it works. The proposed actions are very vital to my business. It even helps me with my conversion rate optimisation. It has enabled us to put our brand in front of our targets.

  • "For us, communication stood out. He is always transparent in updating us with the status of the campaign. His expertise in web development is also a great help in fixing issues in our site."

    Coomera Natural
    Coomera Natural

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t know where to start your PPC journey? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

PPC is good for offering immediate results, and direct exposure of your brands’ products and/or services. You can use it to effectively increase brand awareness, target your desired demographic, quicken the results of your digital marketing, have a better grasp over your budget, and generate better and much more qualified leads, as well as measure the cost of acquisition. For even better results, experts that you take a blended marketing approach; making use of both SEO and PPC to achieve goals.

PPC and SEO are better used together, and each one complements each other. They make up for what the other lacks. One of the primary differences of paid search and SEO is that the former can be launched quickers. Natural SEO requires months to generate returns. Also, PPC focuses on large numbers of keywords. SEO needs to focus on a select few (or only one) high-return keyword. And finally, paid search can be measured in real-time. Tracking results for SEO is slightly difficult, but very possible.

Launching PPC campaigns require much preparation and thorough research to nail it soundly and not miss the target. After working with you and asking relevant questions, and when all the important documents are in place, I can immediately begin developing a solid plan along with a tactical keyword analysis. By then, we’re all set to have an ad campaign in place in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Don’t fret. The process is completely transparent, and you have access to every aspect of the PPC ad campaign.

Launching a PPC campaign is not a set-and-leave type of strategy. I know this. And for this reason, business owners and PPC account managers must devote time, resources, and attention to track the performance of their PPC campaigns for a certain period. So, is PPC measurable? Yes, definitely! The best part about PPC campaigns is that they provide real-time data that you can both track and analyse as soon as you see it. This is useful for maximising your ROI and accomplishing campaign goals.

Most people think it does. But the truth is, it doesn’t. No, having and managing a PPC account will not affect your organic search engine rankings — not positively or negatively. But that doesn’t mean you should rule out PPC entirely. Running a PPC campaign, especially if you have the budget, can provide very valuable insight into the relevant keywords that you should be targeting in your SEO campaign. It also supports your SEO campaign by getting your ads in the front page of search engines.

As derived from the name itself, you are required to pay whenever someone clicks on your advertisement. The fees you pay (the bid price) are associated with the specific term or keyword your user searched for or clicked on. Typically, you set your maximum bid for a keyword and a total daily budget amount. I can help you work on and determine the appropriate budget for your ad campaign. Keep in mind that you might pay for more than the maximum daily budget depending on how many ads show.

Many advertisers praise Facebook Ads for having incredibly accommodating demographics to target. You can segment your audiences very easily. But with Facebook Ads, the three main audiences you target are: saved audiences — ones created based on interests, location, behavior, and demographic; custom audiences — ones derived from engagement or taken from the email lists; and lookalike audiences — audiences that are generated by Facebook, similar to a seed custom audience of your choice.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads have unique advantages for any type of business that you have in mind. People use them differently, however. But you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can use them both for better gains. Each platform has different targeting options and ad placement — both useful for attracting new customers. Facebook Ads, in particular, are good for drumming up brand interest and social media traffic. Combine the two platforms to acquire the best benefits possible.

The difference between boosting Facebook posts & ad campaigns?
Both have pros and cons that you should consider when choosing one or the other. Facebook ad campaigns are popular for performance marketing since it supports a variety of textual and visual formats. It lets you split test different aspects of the ad to see which is effective. You just need enough budget for testing and social proof. Boosting Facebook posts, on the other hand, have better visibility as they appear on your Facebook page. They generate more social engagement, but you can’t run tests.

Every type of business in existence could benefit from targeted internet advertising. Whether your business exists primarily online, or in a physical store, a presence on the internet is still might crucial. Everyone turns to Google for their purchasing needs these days. It’s where the people are. You benefit massively if you take advantage of every opportunity you have to market your business online. It’s cost-effective, and provides little room for targeting the wrong people.