PPC Service That Works, We do the Hard Work for YouPPC Service That Works, We do the Hard Work for You

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is a strategy that drives traffic and conversions to your website at a fast rate. You get to see results instantly that it’s almost enough to make you cry. Successful PPC campaigns generate profit faster than other online marketing methods — faster than SEO. But when used together and implemented expertly, your business has so much potential to grow and develop in ways you don’t expect.

Take advantage of new business opportunities. Through PPC services, you can reach an even better target audience in addition to presenting products or services that can instantly help you get the results you want. Give your customers new options. Give them what they’re looking for at the right time and at the right place.

Open doors for your local customers. PPC services are effective methods for conducting local searches. When people want to buy something, they use their phones to find products and services in your area. They will see your ads, click on them, receive instructions, and go to your store afterwards. Do it right, and your PPC ads can reap significant ROI for you.

Advantages of PPC AdvertisingAdvantages of PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a wonderful way to promote your business. PPC gets you in front of customers when they’re looking for services, products, or businesses like yours in Google Search, and on Google Maps as well. Pay only for the results, and no more. You pay for clicks on the advert only.

Formerly Google AdWords, Google Ads gives you full control of you advertising costs. You get a budget cap, so you’ll never spend more than your monthly budget. In addition, you get to start and stop your ads any time of your choosing.

PPC advertising helps you:

  • Get your audience’s attention.
  • Appear in the search results.
  • Rise above competitors with video ads.
  • Showcase your inventory through shopping ads.
  • Endorse your app through app campaigns.

When it comes to the SERPs, PPC ads show up the most on the first page. It ensures brand recognition and exposure. But Sagad recommends pay-per-click to be used in tandem with other web marketing channels, like SEO, content marketing, etc. There is no need to be SEO reliant.

PPC is efficient at driving instant results. It’s very measurable and works faster than SEO. Of course, pay-per-click advertising is not your sole marketing channel. Combining it with other marketing channels can create a very formidable challenge.

Google Ads Management Services:Google Ads Management Services:

Satisfy Your Needs

Google Search advertising

Online advertising lets you show your ads to the people who are interested in the products and the services you offer.

Google Display Advertising or GDN

Google Display Advertising campaigns build brand awareness and grows your business cost-effectively.

Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads

Google Shopping brings in qualified clicks for business, delivering better user experience and clear customer intent.

Youtube Advertising

Video ads reach and connect with your audience. Create video campaigns in a few minutes and measure your analytics.

Microsoft Ads

Control daily budgets, seamlessly import Google Ads campaigns, and target your ads to display when someone searches.

Facebook Advertising

Create ads that achieve goals. Micro-target an exact audience, and reach more people than you can with organic posts.

Connect With Customers, Grow Your BusinessConnect With Customers, Grow Your Business

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This depends on your individual business circumstances of course, however, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising should work for almost every industry or business sector. If you offer products or services that people are likely to search for, then PPC will be right for your business in some shape or form.

Once the campaign is setup and ready to go, it will need to go through a review process which shouldn’t take more than an hour. Once it has passed the review process, the campaign will be live and you will start driving traffic to your website. We will be able to tell within the first week whether or not the campaign is working for you.

There is no minimum contract length, so once the campaign has started, if you feel that it isn’t working for you then you can cancel at anytime.

The cost-per-click will depend on both the industry and the location, as well as the competition for your chosen keywords, and can range from anything between £0.10 and £10.00 per click. During the keyword research phase, we can advise on what the cost-per-click is likely to be, however, we will always set it at a level you are comfortable with so you are not paying too much per click.

We can track a wide range of conversion types, from email enquiries and newsletter sign ups, to app downloads, phone calls and eCommerce transactions. To find out more about our approach to conversion tracking, please click here.

Our management fees begin at around $500/month, scaling higher with more complex packages, increased advertising spend, additional networks, additional landing pages, and additional services such as website conversion rate optimization.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries or questions and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible !

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