5 Up-to-date Tips on How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively 


Any person who’s alive in this day and age knows that Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms around today. It shares the stage with Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Snapchat. And if you’re a marketer, then you know that it’s crucial to learn how to run Facebook Ads effectively.

It’s one of the most important ways to connect with your audience on the world’s one of the biggest social networks. Facebook’s algorithm is ever-changing, and that’s why it can be quite a challenge to connect organically with fans.

How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively

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Running Facebook ads is quite easy thanks to the social network’s micro-targeting features. They help you cast a net on an audience narrowed down exactly to a point. This means that Facebook ads are capable of getting your message in front of the right people; in front of the customers who want your services and products.

And whether you care to admit it or not, it’s great for your budget. It benefits your ability to convert, and generates pretty good ROI. After all, you’re only paying to reach the most valuable potential customers.

So without further ado, closely consider these smart tips on how to run Facebook ads efficiently.

#1 Experiment on your audience targeting

The best place to start is a narrow audience. And as you move along, broaden your scope slowly by adding one interesting category at a time. Let’s take this example. You can start with a target audience that’s specifically interested in “Perth fast food.” You can choose it to broaden it after a few weeks.

Little by little, you can start by adding, “hamburger joint,” then “food catering,” and so on. In this way, you can get great ideas about how to expand your target audience and how it can affect your results.

Audience targeting can also be used effectively in creating different ads for various groups related to different business goals. And if you have a local business, you can segregate your audience by postal or zip code. The local targeting is helpful if you’re aware that a particular city in your area converts into customers well.

#2 Great quality photos and videos

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Do you know what annoys people the most?

Blurry photos. An image that’s nothing but a mess of large pixels on a screen. Another one is jumpy videos and horrible camera-work.

Yes, your textual posts are important. But don’t forget the value of visuals either. Images and videos grab people’s attention and generate the best first impressions. And as we all know, when you’re marketing in whatever channel, it’s an impressions game.

Try investing in great quality cameras to capture good videos and images. And if you don’t have quite the time yet, there are free stock photo websites that you can use for your ads. 

#3 Make use of Facebook Pixel

What is Facebook pixel?

It’s a small piece of code that has a huge impact on your Facebook ad campaign. When you place the code on your website, you can easily track conversions, remarket to people who looked at your product on the site once, and even create look-a-like audiences.

Of course, some Facebook Pixel strategies might be advanced for beginners. Regardless, you should install it now. Because this way, you’ll have real-time remarketing data and tracking that’s ready-to-go when you’re all set to start expertly optimising your Facebook ads.

#4 Don’t neglect testing

Assumptions are a huge no-no. It applies to every strategy in digital marketing, and the same thing applies to Facebook ads. Each time you try out something new, don’t neglect testing it out against your previous ads. This is so you can see whether or not you’re making improvements to the metrics that matter the most to your business goals.

Always remember that the best practices for Facebook ads are in a state of constant change. Only you know what works for your target audience. And the only way you can keep that knowledge up-to-date is by consistent testing.

#5 Monitor and continue optimising your performance

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You must closely monitor how your ad campaigns are performing. For this, you can use Facebook Ads Manager. If a certain campaign isn’t performing all that well, put more money into that particular ad instead. And if you’re at the early stage (just starting out), it would be more prudent to run several ads with smaller audiences on a smaller budget.

After determining what works best, you can choose your winning ad as your primary campaign.

The Takeaway

Social media is a tremendous help for increasing exposure and traffic for your business. It also creates loyal customers and helps you generate leads and sales. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can collect quality customer feedback through it too.

It’s a great help, and learning how to run Facebook Ads to reap the desired results is just the beginning.

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