Why Facebook is an Effective Social Media Advertising Platform

4 Reasons Why Facebook is an Effective Social Media Advertising Platform

Social media is one of the best tools to increase traffic and exposure for your business. It is ideal in creating loyal customers, and generate sales. And the king of social networks as of this day is none-other than Facebook. There are many reasons why most advertising agency chose Facebook among other social media platforms for advertisement. And we will explore 4 of these reasons one by one.

Facebook is said to have more than 2.41 billion monthly users. And it also has jaw-dropping 1.5 billion daily active users. This only implies that Facebook is a major part of people’s lives. And this trend has a long way to go as the digital world continues to evolve. Using this platform properly can help you reach potential customers. 

1. Your Potential Customers are on Facebook

Your Potential Customers are on FacebookOne of the most important factors in your business is getting to know who your potential customers are. And this step is actually crucial for a successful Facebook Ads campaign. Most people nowadays don’t only have accounts. They actually render 40 minutes or more per day on this platform. 

80% of all internet users are using Facebook so it is absolutely critical that you target only those who are interested in the kind of service that your business offers. But whoever your customers are, it is a fact that they are using Facebook in their daily lives. With this massive people using the platform, it is no doubt that some of them, if not all, will become your future customers. All you need to do is to use Facebook the right way. And Facebook ads will actually help you reach the right audience for your business.

2. Facebook Ads Work and is Actually Affordable

Facebook Ads Work and is Actually AffordableIf you think that no one clicks on Facebook Ads, you’re wrong. Facebook ads now have different varieties. You can actually promote and post on your page that can generate potential customers. And you can advertise on Facebook by setting your budget from the very start. It will automatically stop showing your ads if you reach a certain amount that you have allocated for advertisement. And the higher the budget you put into Facebook Ads, the more the users that you will reach. Basically, Facebook is one of the cheapest forms of ads available today.

Facebook has also added a new feature to their ads. You can now create video ads to grab more attention. It is because the majority of people nowadays prefer watching videos than reading content. So if technology continues to evolve, so will you. This will help you catch up with the current trend.

3. Facebook Lets You Target Specific Use

Facebook Lets You Target Specific Users

Did you know that you can target specific people on this platform? It actually has plenty of information about its users. And you can use this as an advantage to target your potential customers. Facebook allows you to specify criteria like age, gender, location, job title, industry, marital status, and most of all, interests. You can even filter the options by connection. 

You can also pay to boost posts. This method is effective especially if you plan carefully which among your posts you will turn into ads. And when you target users who find your post hyper-relevant, it is most likely that these users will share the post.  This means that your content will reach more people and will become more visible without you paying.

4. Facebook Ads are Easy to Use and has Useful Analytics


Facebook Ads are Easy to Use and has Useful Analytics
Source: measurement marketing

This social media platform makes it easy for people to create ads. It has steps that will lead you to select the type of ad, define your audience, and set up your budget and timeframe. This may look very simple but it also allows you to customize your ads. Facebook lets you choose from a wide range of formats, delivery, and bidding options. Most types of digital ads have a CTA button. And this includes Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Sign Up, and Learn More. Using all these tools will help you gain more audience on your page.

Facebook simplifies the process of measuring the success of your ads. It provides you with insights related to your goals. Most of these analytics are about social ROI or how users react to your ads. You will receive information about how your page is going through likes, shares, comments, page likes, and click rates.

In conclusion, Facebook advertising is a vital way to build your reach on social media. It plays a very important role in digital marketing by increasing audience and awareness for your brand and your company. And it may even convert users into your customers. Because of this, Facebook is an effective social media advertising for your business.

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